This is Naramata:

homepage-02The journey to Naramata begins with sinuous curves in the road, warm sunshine, and a growing sense of well-being as you leave behind city life and delve into the heart of wine country. You leisurely make your way along the Naramata Bench, meander through vineyards and orchards, past wineries and charming bed and breakfasts, all the while bathed in sun and overlooking shimmering Okanagan Lake.

Soon, the village draws you in with its tranquil ambiance: a little church with bells that ring at noon, a general store crouched under huge elms, artisans and shops sprinkled here and there, cozy restaurants. At the end of the road, the stately Heritage Inn sits, ringed by luxurious trees, as it has for more than a century. This is the heart of Naramata; a place where people take the time to say “hello” to friends and visitors alike.

homepage-01While quiet streets with lake front cottages and homes surround the heart of this village by the water, a scenic patchwork of working farms, orchards and vineyards rolls up the gentle slopes of the benches. Naramata offers not only beautiful scenery and exceptional wines, but also a fascinating pioneer history typical of British Columbia, menus and markets laden with locally grown fare, and a variety of accommodations – all steeped in an idyllic village lifestyle.

Created by the Discover Naramata Community and Business Society, a non-profit society, this website is intended to provide you with information about all that Naramata has to offer: wineries, restaurants, events, activities, shops, and accommodations. Go ahead and explore the site and the resources it contains; we want to make your stay in Naramata as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

Now, why not relax with a glass of wine and bask in the glow of one of Naramata’s spectacular sunsets?