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Longitude: 119° 35' 48.350" W

The White Apron Pastry Co. opened its doors in 2013, in a tiny 400 sq. ft. storefront in downtown Penticton. For two years, pastry chef/owner Amanda Perez baked all-butter croissants, brioche cinnamon rolls, rainbow-hued French macarons, éclairs, custards, and all sorts of other classic French pastries. In addition to selling treats at the popular Saturday market, the tiny kitchen also produced countless special occasion & wedding cakes.

As demand for custom cakes increased, yet the square footage of space remained the same, Amanda opted to focus on this area of custom orders and markets. With bigger plans in the works for the future, the tiny storefront was closed, and plans to build a larger custom kitchen were formulated.

Fast forward to 2017 — The new commercial kitchen is located on the family’s orchard, where 3 acres of Fuji, Gala and Spartan apples are grown just outside the kitchen doors.

The White Apron Pastry Co.’s cakes (wedding, birthday and other occasion) are all custom-made.

Call or email to inquire about a cake for your special event! French macarons, and other pastries can also be done by request.

General Information
  • Open year-round
  • Not wheelchair accessible