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250-486-3412  or  250-486-8133
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Longitude: 119° 35' 48.350" W

We are a small three-acre family owned apple orchard, on the Naramata Bench in BC. We grow Gala, Spartan and Fuji apples, and we press our big, beautiful apples into the most delicious natural juice you can imagine. Our juice is pressed every autumn right in the orchard where it is grown. It is then flash pasteurised (giving it a one year shelf life!) and is packaged into 5L bag-in-a-box packages. Once open, each box keeps for 2 months. Delicious on its own, heated with cinnamon, and in smoothies (a great way to mask the 'green' flavour of added veggies!).

Our 100% pure Okanagan Apple juice is sold in 5L bag-in-a-box packages. The juice is unfiltered and is pasteurized, and keeps for 1 year unopened/2 months once opened.

Pickup in Naramata, Coquitlam, Squamish and Pemberton.

  • $18 for one box;
  • or $15 per box for 3+ boxes.
  • Free delivery for 3+ boxes in Penticton area.

General Information
  • Open year-round
  • Not wheelchair accessible