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Discover Naramata Map/Guide:
7080 Glenfir Road, Naramata, BC

km ( min)
km ( min)
Longitude: 0° 0' 0.000" E

You can’t beat a great glass of wine or a freshly brewed cup of coffee. There are many similarities in the world’s two favourite drinks and that’s why we love being located right here in the heart of wine country – the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Homestead Roastery sources great single origin coffee beans, and we roast them right here in Naramata, BC.

We are obsessed with coffee

Coffee is complex and the flavor profiles can vary drastically between regions, and due to the treatment off the beans every step of the way. Coffee is exciting and this is why we import from a variety of regions and work tirelessly on our roast recipe for each bean.

We are major coffee nerds

We are self admitted coffee nerds. We have studied every aspect like it is our damn job. It is our job. We pride ourselves on quality brew. We also pride ourselves on taking all of the seriousness out of enjoying good coffee; it doesn't have to be intimidating.

To learn more about our many partners and where you can find our coffee visit: homesteadroastery/com/faq

Visit our website or social media channels for all things coffee: homesteadroastery.com

General Information
  • Open by appointment only
  • Not wheelchair accessible